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Disan from Italy is one of the world's leader manufacturer of Central Vacuum Systems, high-quality ranked, with a comprehensive range of applications, both domestic and professional, that traded its systems in 34 nations worldwide with many thousand domestic systems.


Matrix PT

Perfect for small homes, town houses and flats

Central vacuum cleaner in ABS for external or internal mounting, right-left changeable inlet, upper silenced outlet, user-friendly frontal opening with magnets for easy dust bag change, built-in 12 Volt control and sensor against overheating, high efficiency throw flow motor, disposable dust bag filter, protection filter for motor, external main switch, brackets for wall mounting with anti-vibration system, CE and UL certification.

Disan central vacuum cleaner
Disan central vacuum cleaner - South Africa

Built-in Central Vacuum Systems:

Central vacuum systems are also called ducted vacuum systems, central vacuum cleaners or built-in vacuum systems, and are an innovative way of vacuuming a home. Ducted vacuums have the advantage of more powerful, convenient, and quieter cleaning.

A central vacuum system is fast becoming one of the more popular household appliances in South Africa because of its ease of service and the convenience of use. You can basically reattach the hose to any outlet and work with it from there without needing to drag the machine around behind you.

The built-in vacuum system accessories, fittings and parts on this website are designed to fit all central vacuum systems in South Africa, this includes: Cyclo Vac, Drainvac, Husky, Silent Master, Beam, Vacu-Maid, Vacuflo, Allegro, Smart, Electrolux, Astrovac, Auskey, Intervac and Premier Clean. These accessories may also be used with some portable vacuum cleaners.

Importer and distributor of the world's best selling central vacuum systems in South Africa

Central Vacuum Cleaners, installations and support available for the whole Gauteng area, The Western Cape,The Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal,
The Northen Cape, The Free State, North West and Limpopo.

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