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Wet / Dry Systems - Will they clog the pipe system?                   

Some Mamparras in the central vacuum industry are telling prospective buyers that you cannot pick up water or other liquid with Drainvac central vacuum cleaners as this will clog the pipe system.

Pipe systems may get clogged from picking up water. Picking up liquid then soon followed by vacuuming dry soils which stick to the inside of the piping and begin a build up of house dust, eventually causing the pipe system to become clogged.

Water itself, is a good cleaner and can be used to rinse out and clean the pipe system. The pipe systems can easily be cleaned by sucking up hot water from a bucket and flushing it through the pipe system. This can only be done with Drainvac Wet / Dry systems and this is the reason Drainvac wet/dry systems do not have clogging problems. Because Drainvac power units are designed and capable of receiving both dirt and water, clogging is not a problem.

A half cup-full of chlorine bleach to 4 liters of water before sucking it through the system can also be used to sanitize the hoses, pipe system, and the power unit.