Dry Mop                                    



The Dust-Up Vacuum Floor Tool is designed to add that extra care for all your hard surfaced floors and making cleaning easier. It's a "Dust-Mop-In-A-Vacuum-Tool" that captures and removes dust and small debris from all of those hard to reach places such as around table legs, chairs and corners. A perfect way to get a beautiful finished look out of glossy wood floors. Works great on ceramic tile and stone floors too! Its low profile head features a cut-away front to let the dirt in, a large orifice to take it away and a wide 14 x 7 inch cleaning path and a swivel neck for gentle guidance.

The Mop Head is made of durable tufted cotton that lasts through many washings. Cleaning the mop head is easy, simply remove the mop head and throw it in your washing machine on gentle cycle to clean.

It fits on 99% of all vacuum cleaners including upright vacuums, portables and central vacuum systems.