Ceramic Tile Floor and Wood Floor Care and Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic floor tiles wear and must be cared for like any other expensive floor covering.

A Royal Suggestion:
Never use a sponge or mop to clean ceramic-tile floors. It will pull the dirt right into the grout tracks (figure A). You are just moving dirty water around on the floor when you use a mop. This makes the floor more difficult to clean. The fastest and easiest way is a central vacuum system with a washable dustup mop attached (figure B). Add this dustmop attachment to your central vac to make cleaning hard-floor surfaces a breeze..

Glazed ceramic tile is now commonly used in living areas - bathrooms, foyers, indoor pools, etc. Ceramic tile has a glazed hard surface. This glaze is on the surface only and can wear off.

There’s more to keeping your floor clean than just an occasional once-over with a vacuum or mop. And there are more reasons for keeping it clean than just the way it looks: clean floors last longer. Dirt and debris are abrasive particles, and they get trampled over on a regular basis.  Over time, these particles scratch the surface beyond repair, affecting the look of the floor.  What’s worse, more dirt collects in the grooves and scratches made by the previous particles, and wears them down further, so they collect even more dirt … it’s a cycle that can be very detrimental to any type of flooring. If you keep your floor as dirt-free as possible, you can considerably extend its life, and make your investment worthwhile and your floor beautiful.

MicroFiber Cleaning Pad. The easy-to-wet, install, and remove cloth saves money over single-use disposable pads and does not streak onwood or laminate floors. The CentraMop avoids pushing dirty water into the tile grout and is specifically designed to work with all wood floor cleaners.

Two Tasks at Once Saves Time! The CentraMop simultaneously vacuums and mops for effortless, time-saving cleaning of all hard surface floors. Its unique front and rear vacuum channels pick-up debris whether pushing or pulling. Same effort - cleaner floor - cleaner home.

Quick Damp Mopping

  • Use warm water on microfiber pad and wring out thoroughly.

  • For large areas, rinse and wring out every 500 sq.ft. or as needed.

Regular Cleaning

  • Use warm water or most tile/laminate/wood floor cleaners already used or on the market.

  • We recommend the brand Woodpecker for laminate and wood.

  • Avoid damage, check with your flooring manufacturer before using
    any cleaning solutions.

  • Spray the cleaner directly onto the pad to dampen and reapply as needed.

Cleaning the Pad:

  • Machine washable.

  • Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets or bleach when washing pad as this eliminates the electrostatic charge for dust pick-up when dry or wet.

  • For quick washing, place in warm water with laundry detergent for 5 minutes.

Rinse pad thoroughly, wring out, and hang to dry.