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Retractable Hose

Retractable Hose System: an innovation to make your life a little easier

The vacuum inlet with integrated retractable hose allows you to use only the length of hose required at the moment, no more, no less, and to start your Cyclo Vac central vacuum cleaner directly. Nothing easier!

When finished, the suction created by the vacuum retracts the hose into the piping system installed within the walls of your home. No more hose to lug around! You will never need to put away a hose again. It’s done automatically!

The retractable hose is covered with a polyester sheath allowing it to retract smoothly, while protecting your furniture from scratches. It is available in several lengths: 30, 40 or 50 feet long.
Cyclo Vac hoses are designed for your comfort and efficiency. Likewise, our attachments such as the retractable hose system are selected for their outstanding quality and performance. Cyclo Vac, for a complete system, designed according to your needs.

The installation of the retractable hose system can easily be achieved during construction or renovation, because the appropriate piping can be adequately installed. However, it is possible to install this system in an existing house or apartment, ideally if there are some suspended or still opened ceilings. Simply replace the regular piping system elbows with those specifically designed for the retractable hose system. For more information, please contact your authorized dealer.