Cyclo Vac Built-in Vacuums - South Africa

The Ultra-Fresh Treatment for Central Vacuum Filters & Bags

Fresh air – it’s essential to our well-being. Pollutants, whether they are dust, pollen, mold or other microscopic particles, cause harmful allergies and even some respiratory disorders. That’s why Cyclo Vac has developed a multiple filtration system including our famous Cyclofiltre™ treated with Ultra-Fresh*. This treatment, combined with our multiple filtration system, eliminates these micro organisms in your home environment.

The Ultra-Fresh* treatment, applied to the Cyclofiltre™ in each Cyclo Vac model and impeding the growth

of bacteria and mold, eliminates odors caused by these micro organisms. This treatment also prolongs the filter’s durability. Ultra-Fresh* considerably helps create a healthier home environment and an improved indoor air quality.

With 50 years of dedicated research and development in this specialized field, the Ultra-Fresh* brand is recognized as the world’s leading antimicrobial treatment.

* Ultra-Fresh is a trademark of Thomson Research Associates.
Ultra-Fresh is registered with EPA (USA) and Health and Welfare Canada