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                            1Solar Photvoltaic (PV) Systems


Healhty Home Improvements

Hybrid backup system
  Solar water geaysers   Central Vacuum Systems   Water Filtration

Solar Power Conversions

Think-Smart partners with carefully selected established solar installers and suppliers, with years of
experience in the solar industry. 
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Solar Water Heaters & Pumps

The energy market is changing. Solar is now the most versatile and accessible form of renewable energy for domestic installations. Read more


Central Vacuum Systems

We Import, Install and Distribute central vacuum systems and water filtration systems throughout South Africa.
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Water Filtration Systems

Think-Smart imports high-quality NSF certified water filtration systems, with the aim to supply clean safe water to every tap in your house. 
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Built-in Central Vacuum Systems / Built-in Vacuum Systems supported supported by us: Vacu-Maid Built-in Central Vacuum Systems - Auskay Ducted Vacuum Systems / Built-in Vacuum Cleaners - Vacuflo Vacuum Systems
- Drainvac dry only

Our International Central Vacuum / Built-in Central Vacuum Suppliers
Manufacturers and worldwide distributors of Built-in Vacuum Cleaners / Central Vacuum Systems / Built-in Vacuum Systems
Cyclo Vac Central Vacuum international
3, Marcel-Ayotte Street
Blainville (Quebec) J7C 5L7, Canada
Tel.: (450) 434-2233
Fax: (450) 434-6111

DRAINVAC International Inc
150 Brunet Street
Mont-Saint-Hilaire Quebec, Canada
J3G 4S6

Nuera Air
1490 Dagenais Blvd. W
Laval, QC H7L 5C7
A Built-in central vacuum system is the pinnacle of efficiency
Drainvac Built-in Vacuums